Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Other Agents Don't Know

Why is it hard for agents to answer the simple question - "Is the property unrestricted?"


Either the property falls under the Bylaws and Covenants of a restricted community - or - they don't!

Enter the buyer who wants to be the owner of unrestricted property.  Maybe they want to operate a business from the home.  Maybe they want to be able to pave their front yard.  Maybe they simply want to be free to use the property they have purchased without anyone else deserving an opinion about it.  It really does not matter...does it?

I am currently working with a couple who is selling their highly restricted and highly desired condo to free up money to purchase an unrestricted property.  He is a chef and she is a teacher.  Both of them have skills that would be perfect for owning their own business.  They want to purchase a property with the freedom to do just that.

Lots of properties on the MLS have "No restrictions" marked on the listing.  Many, many of them are highly restricted.  One agent responded to my email asking for confirmation of her claim of "no restrictions" with the question - "What are you specifically trying to do?"

My answer was - "We are wanting to determine if there are deed restrictions that prevent business use.
Your listing shows no restrictions. Is that correct?"

Today she calls and says that she is checking the bylaws to see if a business can be operated from the house.

Let's use some logic here folks.  If there are bylaws - the property IS RESTRICTED!!!!

Sorry for the rant.  If you may be seeking an agent that can help you to sell your unrestricted property anywhere in the Greater Houston area - make sure they understand the value in having no restrictions.  Otherwise they will market poorly and/or cost you lots of money because of their inability to serve you well.

If you want to find Houston unrestricted property, don't mess around with someone who does not know about restrictions and their affect on the property's use.  You deserve an expert to help you find the perfect property for you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What are you so afraid of???


It is downright
astonishing the
Power of Fear.

Many people who are very bright and accomplished remain frozen in fear when it comes to major changes in their lives.

Those major changes can be something as common as changing a job or career to something much more impactful like changing a family lifestyle completely.

Such is the environment that I often find myself.  Prospective clients for my business services often are contemplating a HUGE change in their lifestyle.  While the enjoyment of their current lifestyle is being comprimised by forces outside of their control, taking control opens up many unanswered questions.

It becomes
Keeping the KNOWN Pain
rather than venturing out into the
UNKNOWN Pleasure of Change.

My job is to be the consultant and advisor to the property owner.  I can provide the key to unlock the chains of fear that are currently paralyzing a family's ability to make a decision to move.

Rest assured, I will also be honest when it is in the best interest of the property owner to stay right where they are right now.  Timing is a critical part of any decision to move and sometimes there are reasons why an owner of Houston Unrestricted property may need to wait for a more opportune time to move.

But when the time is right, there are still many things that need to be discovered before any action should be taken.  Here is a short list:

*  What is my current property value?
* Who is most qualified to help me with selling the current property?

*  Where do I want to invest my money next?
*  Can I purchase the future property with the equity of my current property?
*  What are the tax consequences of making such a move?
*  How do I maximize my profit in selling the current property?
*  What are the advantages of 1031 Exchanges?

Of course there are many, many more questions.  Each individual property owner has a separate set of questions that are vital for alleviating the fear experienced when you don't have the answers.  The questions in the mind of an investor are much different than those of a family who has raised their kids on a rural piece of property and now find themselves in a totally different place...with enormous equity, but a diminishing quality of life.

Avoid fear by doing your research. 

Check out my credentials by "googling kathi frank real estate"  or "houston unrestricted property".

Interview me for the position of marketing manager for your property.

Use your best judgment to determine if I am the best consultant to help you make decisions.

Dissapate your FEAR
Maximize your PROFIT

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Woodlands area - and Unrestricted

A lot of my blog is devoted to unrestricted property that is rural.  At least it used to be rural at one time and it might be crowded by restricted neighborhoods now.

In the Houston area there is another type of unrestricted property and it is located "smack dab in the middle" of lots of rather urban growth.  Often the property was acquired for asset growth by some visionary investor.  Other times, the land was purchased for the owner's purpose - priorities changed - and now the seller is ready to liquidate the investment.

A colleague of mine, Wilona Dyson, has a couple of lots that are between Interstate 45 and Grogans Mill.  This location, surrounded by The Woodlands, has many potential uses. 

You will find the taxes, the acquisition costs and the building restrictions much more favorable than within The Woodlands itself.

Take a look at what Wilona says about her listing.  She has two lots about 2.5 acres each.  It is a great opportunity to acquire 5 acres +/- in a easy access area, seconds away from I-45 and The Woodlands.

NOW - let's talk breifly about agency relationships.  Clearly, my colleague is representing the seller and will do everything to act in her client's best interest.

So, what that means is you need a competant agent to represent you.  Someone who knows the area, can develop a negotiating strategy, work hard to get you the property for the lowest possible price; in your best time frame; with the least possible hassle to you.

That is ME - Kathi Frank
(936) 441-1314

The reason I am sharing this information on someone else's listing is to make the point that I also represent Buyers.  Be assured that I will do my best to merit your confidence.

If you have interest in this - or any other property in the State of Texas 
I am licensed to assist you in that sale. 
(My geographical expertise is limited to the north side of Houston, but my license is not so limited.)

CALL, ask questions, "google me" to learn more about what I can do for you.
Let's be FRANK...I will work hard for YOU!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trust the change from Houston Unrestricted Property

Sometimes you KNOW it is time
for a change...
Yet taking the next step feels precarious...
It may even feel downright DANGEROUS!

but I am here to tell you that you must


Think about the major changes in your life.  Some of the ones that felt the most scary at the time have turned out to be the ones you cherish in retrospect.  Trust that "knowing" part of yourself.  If you know it is time to change then you can be confident that the next steps will take you to greater and greater things.

If you are living on a piece of unrestricted property in the Houston area, then you are experiencing change, whether you like it or not.   Right now, the changes may be happening TO you.  You have the choice to make changes happen FOR you.

Without the help of someone who can show you the options, it may feel like you are jumping off the bridge into unknown waters.  With competant, knowledgeable consultation we can build a bridge that serves you in reaching your ultimate goals.

Many people whose quiet rural paradise is being smothered by restricted subdivisions like The Woodlands would find themselves much happier by moving farther out into the country.  Because the value of their property has increased dramatically, they now can purchase a much larger tract of land and build the new home of their dreams.

This is only one scenario, but you KNOW when it is time for a change.  I would encourage you to also know that I can help you gather all the information you need to consider the next step.  With us working together the move will no longer feel as scary and you can start building your new dream.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Perfect Location for Business near The Woodlands

Peace and Quiet
combined with
Profitable Business...

Is it even Possible???

I am pleased to announce that the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Recently, I was given the task of marketing an incredible unrestricted property just south of The Woodlands, in the Greater Houston area.  It is located on the busy (and getting busier every day) Gosling Road - at the crossroad of Rayford - and in the middle of a whirlwind of residential growth.  You can see some of our beginning marketing efforts on, MLS #9005219 or simply click on this link. 

We will soon have additional information and photos on commercial sites and other web media.  I will keep you informed.  In the meantime, let me know if you have anyone who is seeking this rare sanctuary in the midst of a fast-paced world.

Imagine a real estate buyer developing a medical complex...corporate retreat...multifamily housing...or some other business with the view of this lake as part of the amenities???  The possibilities are endless.

BONUS FEATURE:  There is currently an Ag-Exemption for the growing tree farm on the property.  Not only will this open the possibility of very low will also give a sound buffer for maintaining the tranquility.

It couldn't get any better than this!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is the Tide Turning?

Are Things Improving?
More and More Experts Say YES!

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, by the title of "Nabbing a Bargain-Basement Mortgage Before Rates Rise" -   a major change is about to happen in the real estate world.  This is the fourth article predicting market improvement that has caught my attention this week.  Earlier, three other articles predicted a "Turn of the Tide".

Anyone who has been THINKING ABOUT making a move would be well advised to think about the consequences of waiting.  Sure, no one really knows what is going to happen.  Sometimes it seems that you can ask the clerk down at the convenience store for economic predictions and get as dependable an answer as we get from "experts".  But true to the definition of "turning the tide", we have enough evidence now to expect drastic change soon.
From —Idiom
turn the tide, to reverse the course of events, esp. from one extreme to another:
he Battle of Saratoga turned the tide of the American Revolution.

What does that mean to you?

Perhaps nothing - If you are perfectly happy with the way things are, you can sit on the sidelines and watch things change (or not).

Perhaps many things - Opportunity is greatest in a down market.  I could spend a dozen blog posts showing evidence of people who have made their fortunes by taking bold moves in a down market.

Let's talk about your situation:

* Do you currently own a piece of unrestricted property in the Greater Houston area?
* Do you feel that you would rather have your money in something other than this property?
* Do you have dreams of operating your business on an unrestricted tract of land - maybe even living on the land until the business can economically support both a business and personal home?

Let this plentiful data from outside sources be the stimulus you need to take action. 

I know that my real estate business has been booming in and around The Woodlands this year.  People who were waiting to see the market stabilize are placing their homes on the market and buying the homes they have been wanting for a couple of years.

Business owners are re-evaluating their needs, considering expansion or re-structuring.  Commercial lenders are beginning to loosen the tight restrictions on money for the small business owner.  I believe the time has come to:
Stop Waiting and Take Action!!!

Call if I can answer any questions.  Kathi Frank (936) 441-1314

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do YOU Matter to This Crazy World???

Sometimes it seems that we are helpless to make a difference in the world. Things are changing quicker than we can even comprehend -- much less impact.

So, do we surrender to being a victim of whatever happens?

Do we leave it up to others to "do something" about it?

Shall we simply forget about changing reality in favor of "reality TV"?

Let me introduce you to Sue Thompson.

We have a pretty long history between us.  In fact, I think we have been "soul sisters" long before we met about 1997.  She moved to our area after being a successful real estate agent in Dallas.  Her high energy and vitality attracts many friends wherever she goes.

When she was checking out the new office, I suggested that she share an office with me. I confessed that many found my laughter to be too loud, my bubbly optimism to be annoying and my long conversations with clients to be downright TOO MUCH!

That invitation was the beginning of a friendship that is full of love.  You could say we have a "mutual admiration society."

Why I admire Sue...

This could be a very long blog post if I told you ALL the reasons she has my respect and let me tell you just one of them.

In 1999 Sue was team leader of our real estate company.  She was impressive in her ability to keep everyone pulling together.  She resolved conflicts quickly, motivated us to accomplish more than we would otherwise and made certain that we had a great deal of fun while doing it.  Imagine our shock when she shared her diagnosis of bone marrow cancer.

The prognosis was grim.  Doctors gave little hope and the owner of the company seemed to accept that expectation and made it harder for her to keep her position.  Everyone that loved Sue pulled together to offer anything and everything we could find to share.

I will fast-forward from that tragic experience to today.  This woman, armed with more power in her true grit than the power of the medical profession has overcome all symptoms.  An oncologist in Dallas calls her "walking miracle poster child”. 

She has taken her natural enthusiasm...her incredible story of beating cancer...and her sincere passion for helping others and created "H.O.P.E. Talks".  If you know of a group that needs inspiration, I encourage you to contact her through her website: 

How Sue feels about me...

Almost every time I talk to Sue she tells me that she tells others how much I helped her overcome cancer.  Honestly, I always ask her to tell me why.  It is not because of my fact, it is just the oposite.  I see her passion and success - yet I have trouble remembering anything I could offer to make her life any easier.

Patiently, she explains again what little thing I did that made a big difference to her.

You see, I admire Sue for her unending generosity.  She literally exudes love, caring and support to everyone she meets.  According to her story, when things seemed really bleak, I told her..."Sue, you have spent your entire life helping others.  You give and give and it is about time that you allowed others to give to you."

She tells me (and others) that a simple encouraging remark like that made a huge difference in her life.  She inspires others to recognize that an expression of love and caring can sometimes make a huge difference in the lives of others.  "You never know when the words you say can make all the world of difference in the lives of another person" says Sue.

Remember the "Highest and Best" use of your communication skills is to be encouraging, loving and positive.  You can be a mirror to them - allowing them to see how others percieve them - showing them their highest good.  We often see the goodness of others and need someone else to point out the value we bring to the world.

Live your life as a reflection of the very best that others offer.  Help them to recognize their value.  Spread "good rumors" about people.  I know it sounds a bit "Polyannish" - but I truly believe you can change the world by giving your love away.  If I am wrong, I am absolutley certain that life is more fun when you see the very best in others. 

As another friend is always saying...